Should I Sell My Phone With Flappy Bird Installed On It?

The short answer is no, unless you’re selling your phone anyway.

The extremely high bids you see on eBay for phones with Flappy Bird installed on them are false, and are not representative of how much money your phone could ever be sold for. Mobile phones with Flappy Bird installed are ostensibly going for thousands, but these are falsely bid on and no money changes hands.

Your phone is not worth much more, if anything, with Flappy Bird installed: remember, Flappy Bird is a global phenomenon and millions of people have it installed, it is not a rare commodity. Supply is high, demand is low.

The Flappy Bird app can be downloaded as an .apk file (external to the Google Play store) from certain websites, though this only works on Android phones. There are similar workarounds for iOS, but they are more difficult to achieve.

Regardless of availability, the Flappy Bird app remains available to those who want it, and as such, phones with it installed are worth no more than they would be in isolation. Some people may be tricked by offers of a Flappy Bird-installed phone and pay over the odds, but the chances of this happening are slim to none. Besides, is it morally acceptable to trick a technologically challenged individual into paying an extortionate amount for your phone?

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